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Cool as…

OK, so the deweeding process is well underway.  We’ve done about 30 hours of weeding down there in a week and a half and shifted about 20 sacks! (yeah, guess there’s a problem if you can do that) – but the … Continue reading

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Not bitter, and not that hairy either

…so I’m not quite sure why Hairy Bitter Cress got its name.  It is, however, very cress-like. One of the better discoveries thanks to yet another River Cottage Book (on Hedgerows this time) is that you can eat that scrappy … Continue reading

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You try, you don’t always succeed

So today I went down the allotment and tried out not 1 but 3 new dishes.  So I’d hoped to have something interesting to report at the end of the day. What I can report is that there was nothing … Continue reading

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Tasty weeds

Its easy enough getting rid of most green waste. Compost it! Great! Make soil improvers from your rubbish!  Perennial weeds are a wee bit trickier. We’ve variously been told to add lime, dump them completely (which has been our preferred … Continue reading

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