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Morrison’s Market Street

Hmmm… interesting.  I’m not sure what to make of Morrison’s new market street concept.  Our local Morrison’s got the make over in the last few weeks and has now reopened complete with a hugely diversified range of vegetables kept on … Continue reading

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The other people’s supermarkets

I spent a very pleasant evening last night with my feet up (they’ve been poorly, not terribly poorly, but poorly enough for me to want to spend time with them up) in bed with a laptop watching The People’s Supermarket at … Continue reading

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Shopping with the senses, lessons from Supa Noanna

His Nibs is a great fan of Juzo Itami.  Itami was a japanese director who wrote charming and romantic satires on japanese life, in which bravery, effort and team work wins through against the worst social ills, including the mob. … Continue reading

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Baby steps away from the supermarket

Bit by bit I’m trying to find user freindly alternatives to the supermarket, although the time spent at the allotment has taken a chunk out of the time I might otherwise have spent going to smaller shops.   The rump of … Continue reading

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Extra Tesco at Stockport

Stockport has some odd sights.  One of them can only be appreciated from the cafe in Tesco.  You’ll see supermarket sales space, cordoned off, doing nothing. At the time that Tesco opened the store, in 2004,  it was without full … Continue reading

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