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Hope springs in spring time

Hoorah for the hope that is small hard round things going into peat free compost! Hoorah for the optimism that is trying out something exotic that you’ve not seen growing before (until you find out why)! Hoorah for the heated … Continue reading

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Grrrrr Brrrrr

I’m sorry its been a while, we’ve been busy with family and voluntary stuff and I’ve had to neglect foodie allotmenty stuff. So much is this true that I’ve missed stir up Sunday and am running behind on this years … Continue reading

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Time to put our seed order in! Thanks to the allotment we get to order our seeds in bulk, through the allotment society and Kings seeds – which works out a bit cheaper than standard methods. It feels like a … Continue reading

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Autumn’s on its way

I couldn’t help feeling that autumn is definitely creeping up at us down at the allotment on Monday.  The strawberries were being pulled up and newly rooted runners potted to make way for an order of manure from a local … Continue reading

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Tasty weeds

Its easy enough getting rid of most green waste. Compost it! Great! Make soil improvers from your rubbish!  Perennial weeds are a wee bit trickier. We’ve variously been told to add lime, dump them completely (which has been our preferred … Continue reading

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Aubergine vs slug. Breaking news.

Joy is round and purple! A month ago I wrote off my first aubergine fruit as irretrievably munched by a slug. Today, to my great surprise, nestled like a sleeping cat against the rim of the planter, I found a … Continue reading

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Elephant garlic!

So, in our usual enthusiasm to pull things up and eat them, it looks like we have missed a trick with the elephant garlic. The pic is of a normal pink garlic (yum) and a couple of our elephant garlic … Continue reading

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New food

4 new veggies harvested at the allotment for the first time today Runner beans (bit late I know, but hey I didn’t get them planted til June) Chilli (all 1 of them! at last a new flavour) Pink fir apples … Continue reading

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The OK Life

Adult life brings its disappointments: £100, it turns out, is not a fortune. Going to bed at any time you like, means going to bed at a sensible time unless you want to feel like the living dead. You don’t … Continue reading

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Asparagus peas

… are another of our novelty crops down the plot and the one that I was most excited about. Like the folk at cottage smallholder I had been drawn to their peculiar shape.  They’re like a cross between a pea … Continue reading

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