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So many things to do with parsnips

Admittedly (as I’ve already hinted) we’ve not finished the marrows – but we now have another race to get through a glut before things get blue and furry; parsnips.  We’re nearing the end now, but things have been getting creative. Not that … Continue reading

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The plot (weed patch) thickens

Turn your back for a minute and there are weeds everywhere – its amazing we’ve cleared one patch completely twice (from a starting point of no weeds in march) and its back to looking like a lawn AGAIN.  I was … Continue reading

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New food

4 new veggies harvested at the allotment for the first time today Runner beans (bit late I know, but hey I didn’t get them planted til June) Chilli (all 1 of them! at last a new flavour) Pink fir apples … Continue reading

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I wasted food (quite a bit)

His Nibs was away, I was being lazy. But worse still, I’ve not got the hang of vegetables being ready when they choose to be ready, rather than when I want them to be ready.   I didn’t use a … Continue reading

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Favourite marrow ideas

Tried and approved: Stuffed marrow – My mum used to scoop out the full length and stuff with mince mix so that rings could be cut off (which we loved as kids, but it was a bit of a palarver), … Continue reading

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On glut and gluttony

Here’s a thing. I invest heavily in food. I consider it important, I do my best to eat good food, generally that I or we have made ourselves increasingly with foodstuffs that we grown ourselves. I like to keep my … Continue reading

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OK. Here’s a lesson learned. When, as an allotment newbie, someone tells you probably don’t need 3 marrow plants (1 will do) believe them. You should listen particularly carefully if there’s just the 2 of you planning to eat them. … Continue reading

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