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Hope springs in spring time

Hoorah for the hope that is small hard round things going into peat free compost! Hoorah for the optimism that is trying out something exotic that you’ve not seen growing before (until you find out why)! Hoorah for the heated … Continue reading

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Atilla the Tiller

You know you REALLY like a power tool when you need to give it a name.  We REALLY like Atilla the Mantis, so called because well its a tiller, see? tiller ’tilla… ah well. Thanks to Atilla the plot has … Continue reading

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Growing our own – mid April

Last year we were as overly eager as any first timers could be and much of our March efforts went to waste because we started off so many plants in tiny little home made pots which dried out and died … Continue reading

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My dears, I’ve been neglecting you again.  Not through choice you understand and not because there’s nothing going on, but simply cos there’s too darned much going on. Again. Rightio.  Today I’m mainly thinking about dairy as that’s the form … Continue reading

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A couple of things I didn’t know about yoghurt

We’re now making our own yoghurt.  After a fairly pathetic failed attempt to make some without bespoke equipment (as suggested by the sometimes over-optimistic River Cottage Family Cookbook) we bought a cheap yoghurt maker from Lakeland.  The process is super … Continue reading

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So I’m running about a month late, but I’m on my way, so here’s hoping Delia isn’t bluffing when she says this recipe is still delicious if done last minute: the puds are in the steamer right now! I’m trying something different, after … Continue reading

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its so fluffy!

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The Breadmaker is dead long live the Breadmaker

I’ve sung praises before about how nice it is to have a bread maker. We loved ours, but it was dying – then it died. Apparently we’re not the only folks who have experienced problems with a washer on the … Continue reading

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Welsh dressing french style

Behold the welsh dresser!  I suddenly feel both middle aged and as if I’m living in a dolls house. We now have a permanent home for our extensive collection of preserves, preserve making paraphenalia, tea pots and white cups and … Continue reading

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