Morrison’s Market Street

veg from morrisons

Patty pans, pepinos, gai lan, raf tomatoes, mild white onions and blue and shiro shimeji muhrooms. All available as part of the new Morrison's green grocery offer

Hmmm… interesting.  I’m not sure what to make of Morrison’s new market street concept.  Our local Morrison’s got the make over in the last few weeks and has now reopened complete with a hugely diversified range of vegetables kept on ice and regularly misted to keep them fresh, fresh herbs station (with the herbs kept like flowers in water), in-store made sausages and other goodies. 
First off, its as refreshing as a misting unit to find a supermarket that is prioritising fresh food in its offer.  OK so a small section of childrens’ clothes has appeared, but the most striking change is all in the fresh food range and display.  For this, Morrisons, we salute you.  What’s more the introduction of the misting unit should allow foods with a smaller turnover to be made available for a sufficiently long time without much packaging or direct refrigeration.

Beef pinwheels from the butchery

On the flip side, you can’t help but wonder about the air miles involved in producing and delivering some of the goods.  Pepinos, for example, I understand are seldom available at less than exorbitant prices because their difficult to transport from their native South America.  I didn’t check the origins though.  I did notice that even the most exotic of the mushrooms on display were UK grown.  So the jury’s out on that one so far.

I’m also wondering how the mister stacks up in terms of energy use.  Anyone know?    The other question I have is how sustainable (in the old school sense rather than the more specific ecological sense) the model is.  If anyone who was party to the early tests (e.g has been paying attention to how things have changed over time, I’d be super interested…

Otherwise, this is the first time for a long time that I’ve seen something imaginative done to excite supermarket customers about fresh vegetables.  We found a whole range of new goods we’d not seen before ( something that doesn’t happen every day!)  and left the place with the sort of enthusiasm normally reserved for a farmers market, but without any of the feel good awareness of the journey that the food made to our shopping basket.
We’ll see eh?

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