Hope springs in spring time

okra seeds

okra seeds

Hoorah for the hope that is small hard round things going into peat free compost!

Hoorah for the optimism that is trying out something exotic that you’ve not seen growing before (until you find out why)!

Hoorah for the heated windowsill propogator!

Yup, its planting time!

tomatillo seed pack

Enjoy the pic of the tomatilloes. I'm not sure I'll have a photo of real ones later!

True, I could have started earlier. I didn’t.  So today I planted the seeds that are going into the heated propogator to start them off; tomatoes (beefmaster and tigerella), sunflowers, aubergines and new kids on the block this year – tomatilloes and okra.

The tomatillo seeds have been kicking around a wee while so I’m not sure what state they’re in.  They’re like small tomato seeds, hardly surprising as they’re part of the tomato dynasty.  Hopefully they’ll produce something like a cross between a blue tomatoe and a cape gooseberry.

The okra seeds were a bit of a surprise I’ve eaten okra and never seen anything vaguely like the seeds!  Largeish, dark and round.

This year I’m not trying peppers from scratch, I’ve had a few disasters there, and very few tasty fruits – I’ll also buy a cucumber plant later, as that’s another one I’ve not had so much success with (but small grown fruits are much tastier than the big watery supermarket ones).

All I have to do now is watch that space and not forget to water.  I hope!

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One Response to Hope springs in spring time

  1. wevcore says:

    I’ve just planted my very first seeds – In an unheated propagator – but it’s crazy exciting! I wish your okra’s a lovely journey 🙂

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