First plot post 2012

plot mid feb 2012

Not terrible - but I should have tidied up a bit!

Yeah, yeah, don’t nag – there have been genuine reasons for the silence.  But we’ve emerged the other side to find that there are still tasty vegetables to be had down the allotment.

The much milder winter (so far at least, I’m sure I’m not the only gardener holding my breath) means that the cabbages made it through this year, so we’ve just finished our last savoy and still have a few white and red cabbages to keep us going (oh and sprouts the size of ping pong balls) – so we’re nowhere near desparate enough to hit the whitefly infested kale.  We also have a few root veggies too – beetroot and parsnips, although the swedes never really came to much.


sprouts and cabbages going strong

The really good bit, isn’t that we’re still eating things we planted as long as 10 months ago, we’ve got the first signs of a more fruitful times starting to show.  The rhubarb is now there in miniature, buds are forming on the fruit trees, the daffodils are about to flower and we’ve planted the garlic.  I like this.  However, it also means that we’re about to start a really busy period down the allotment – there’s a whole heap of digging and planting ahead.

Oh by the way, notice the blue skies?  Its always like that in Greater Manchester – the rain is a myth to make Londoners feel better about house prices.

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One Response to First plot post 2012

  1. Sharon says:

    Though an American, I have been in Manchester once, and I have to say, it was gloriously sunny!
    Happy to see you’ve had so many overwintered vegetables. I’m just trying my luck at cabbage and kale for the first time this year. It would be great to have them last us through the winter. And here in Virginia, it’s a real possibility. If next winter’s anything like this one…
    Happy gardening!

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