Marrow cream

About this time last year I posted about uses of marrows. This year I’m revisiting one of the less hopeful sounding ideas – Marrow cream. I just want to tell you how good marrow cream is and how undeserving of such an unappealing name. I mean, if someone were to say to you ‘would you like some of our home made marrow cream on your toast’ how would you respond?

Now if I were to say, ‘would you like some of our home made lemon curd’, wouldn’t that sound better? This stuff is as good as lemon curd (slight less rich than the home made stuff) but just as tasty. It lasts a long time in the dresser – as regular eagle eyed readers may have noticed. We’ve only just finished off the last of last year’s supply.

So I thought I’d share the process. It’s super simple but does need to be started one day and finished the next.
1. Take about 4lb of cubed, skinned de-seeded marrow (that’s one marrow, on the largish but not out of control side) and steam it until it is tender. Leave it to drain overnight.

On day 2 take the cubed marrow and put it into a preserving pan (we find an old heavy pressure cooker with the lid left off works fine)

marrow cream in the makingNow mash it up as well as you can.  This is going to form the bulk of your marrow cream so the fewer bumps the better.

Add to this the tasty bits – the zest and juice of 6 lemons (organic ones are less likely to be waxed, and who wants waxy marrow cream?), 3 1/2 pounds of granulated white sugar and 1/2 pound of butter.  Boil this for 20 minutes, stirring regularly.

marrow creamYou’re done!  Just spoon into sterilised jars and quickly cover with a wax disc and lid.

This stuff is good on toast and replaces lemon curd in pretty much any recipe but will keep for months longer.

It looks like it tastes, lemon curdylike but a bit fresher.

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