Skinny french kitchen

I have had enquiries, so the news on the allotment at the mo is that the weeding is going well. We’ve slowed it down now that the back of it has been broken.  I’ll get some pics up in a post soon.  Right now I want to rave about a book.

My current favourite new cookery book is The Skinny French Kitchen.  We’re eating even better than ever!  Harry Eastwood (she of Cook Yourself Slim, which I watched despite not having a telly) has turned her attention to a cuisine which I love, but which I’ve always been a bit scared of: French Food.  The problem is that every recipe I’ve seen for French food has involved loads of butter and cream and those are things which I wind up having enough of without inviting trouble.



not necessarily representative - we ate the cracked ones too quick to photograph!

What I love about the book is that it has been written for people who are both busy and careful about fat and sugar.  I’m not sure that Le Cordon Bleu would entirely approve, but my we’ve had some tasty and not to hefty bits and bobs. If you’re a serious health freak you should probably be warned that Harry doesn’t give calories and the recipes are not designed ala Gillian McKeith – they’re lighter versions of classics.

wonky millefieulle

looks fiendish, but is really just a custard pastry sandwich

So far we’ve just tried a few recipes; apple tart (very very simple, very low in sugar), macarons (lemon-made with the last of the marrow cream and blackcurrant ones) and wonky looking but neverthelss delicious blackberry millefieulle (as we had no raspberries to hand).  We have been falling back on shop bought puff pastry- but if you can live with that, you can have some simple and delicious deserts.  I’ll let you know how the savoury dishes go (just as soon as I stop working through the sweets!)

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