Giving peas a chance

box of peas

box of peas

One of the disappointments last year was that our peas were pathetic.  We carefully started out planting peas individually in tubes, we planted the peas out.  The plants were pretty much dessimated by pigeons, then when we opened the few pods that made it they were fully of nasty maggoty grubs.   This year we really went for it and created a pea palace.  We planted the peas pretty thickly directly outside and put the supports in place almost immediately.  The best innovation was a mesh cage that we built around it which kept out both pigeons and pea moths.  The happy outcome was that we picked kilos of maggot free peas – fantastic!  The mesh has to be fine (not netting).

maggot free peas

We ate a bunch fresh and then, then rather than freezing then with the rest we treated ourselves to some high speed pea soup.  Rather than go with any of the recipes we had to hand (which all seemed to take rather too long for a quick but tasty lunch) we came up with a fast tasty soup cooked in the pressure cooker.  We took a little oil, softened a couple of garlic cloves, a couple of slices of smoked bacon and an onion.  Added about a pound of shelled peas and about 3/4 pint of ham stock.  5 minutes of pressure cooking later we blended the pea mix and you’re done.


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