I’ve had some complaints about the lack of posts.

As before I’m afraid this is down to me having been ludicrously busy.  I mean really really busy.  Like stupidly busy.  Really.  At first I didn’t have time to blog and before I knew it I didn’t have time to cook so much or keep up with the gardening and here we are – standing in the allotment equivalent of the corner with a big dunces hat on my head – so its complaints all round.

We didn’t catch up and we have a weed problem.  So much so that we’re on parole – the committee will be looking for an improvement over the next month.  So its major weeding time.  We’ve had to consider whether to drop the allotment, and that’s still a possibility – but we’ll take that month and we’ll see what we can do with it.  I’d hate to be beaten on this because allotments are great really really great.

Its tough though – work’s pretty busy right now, so its meant getting out of the house early to do an hour and a half down there before the drive to work.  I was there at 6.30 this morning putting down weed retardent fabric to try and prevent our good work being undone as fast as we’re doing it.

The worst bit though is that weeds affect your neighbours.  So we’re feeling pretty sorry right now and trying to get seed heads away as quickly as possible.  The second worst bit is that if we want to get this done quickly and get rid of the infection it’ll mean chemicals as we simply don’t have the time to do it manually properly.  So we’ll have to bite the bullet and do something a bit nasty.  Walking away from the plot doesn’t mean that won’t happen it just means someone else will have to do it – so *sigh* the organic thing will have to be suspended for a bit, while we nuke the worst of it.

Plus side: at present we have a plot, its producing herbs, salad leaves, turnips and good king hal in abundance, we’ve got cucumbers starting, we’ve started eating onions and baby beetroot and with any luck the peas start at the weekend.  There are 4 apples on the apple tree, most of the potatoes are coming along nicely and we should have some good brassicas.

Fingers crossed and nose to the grindstone.  Awkward position – but it could be worse.  Wish us luck.


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