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Giving peas a chance

One of the disappointments last year was that our peas were pathetic.  We carefully started out planting peas individually in tubes, we planted the peas out.  The plants were pretty much dessimated by pigeons, then when we opened the few … Continue reading

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Cool as…

OK, so the deweeding process is well underway.  We’ve done about 30 hours of weeding down there in a week and a half and shifted about 20 sacks! (yeah, guess there’s a problem if you can do that) – but the … Continue reading

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Woe! I’ve had some complaints about the lack of posts. As before I’m afraid this is down to me having been ludicrously busy.  I mean really really busy.  Like stupidly busy.  Really.  At first I didn’t have time to blog … Continue reading

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