The Jam

I declare it Jam New Year.

I’ve just made the first jam of the year and done a bit of an audit of what we’ve got left over from last year.  Turns out preserve-wise we probably got it about right. Jamwise, at the start of May we have 2 jars of darkening lemony marrow cream, 1 jar of still delicious looking strawberry and one jar of increasingly crunchy marrow and ginger.  That’s not to say that we’ve munched our way into a sugar high – we did give away a fair bit. But bottom line, we’re starting to get a bit short on jam.

Hurrah for this scrummy BBC recipe for Rhubarb and Vanilla jam.  The vanilla really mellows out the tartness of the rhubarb and I reckon is worth the relative expense of a couple of vanilla pods – as a treat – when tasty stuff is in short supply. Anyway,  it still works out cheaper than equally  good shop-bought jam. We’re back in business with about a kilo and a half of the stuff.

As far as the other preserves go we still have about 4 jars of last year’s seville marmalade which is looking really good and a lot of glutney which is looking rubbish, its really drying out  and shrinking.  I’m not sure how this can be when I thought it was in a sealed jar.. but there you go.  The salted beans have kept very well but oh my, they’re salty!  We’re only very slowly  making our way through the pickles (apart from the beetroot, that’s all eaten).

The veg supplies are also in very sparse supply now. There’s spinach, sorrell and a couple of sad chard plants that made it through the winter.  The last 3 marrows finally rotted a few weeks back leaving us only with a few bits of the last of the sprouts and kale we could find space in the tiddly freezer for.

Ah well… this would be the lean period then.  Thank goodness for jam.

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