Bettys Tea Room

bettysSpecial treat time to celebrate 4 years of His Nibs and I finding each other. We were heading to Harrogate to the theatre (don’t ask what or I will feel the need to explain in great length, why we were going to see a famous prog caped keyboardist when we’re not really into prog) so took the opportunity to book afternoon tea at Bettys.

It is possible to book afternoon tea on Saturdays, as it is to book events, but generally one has to queue, and there was a queue this Saturday. There’s a couple of options for afternoon tea which you take upstairs in a room with a pianist playing gentle easy listening. We were lucky to get a window table for two on a sunny afternoon, so had plenty to watch as we took our time over one each of their traditional and special afternoon teas.

tea!The traditional comes with two small (2″ x 2″) crustless sandwiches in each of two fillings. The special has a range of small open sandwiches. Each comes with a pot of tea (the latter came with a choice of speciality teas, so we opted for the chinese rose petal tea which was light and floral and quite delicious without milk or lemon), scone with clotted cream and jam, a financier, small raspberry and confectioners custard tart and a chocolate macaroon.

Everything was sparkling clean and served by waitresses in broidery anglaise blouses fastened at the neck with a Bettys enamel pin. The environment was clean and tasteful with some old world touches, the bathrooms were fab. Everything was done to a very high standard with excellent patisserie and service.

The shop had a lovely range of loose teas and coffees with some real confectionary treats like beautiful chocolate rabbits and wonderful chocolate badgers!

Our only real niggle were the sandwiches, which were small and the taste of which was somewhat overwhelmed by the sugar fest which was the rest of the tea. At about £20 a head, its not a day to day indulgence, but if we were in the area again…

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