Growing our own – mid April

Last year we were as overly eager as any first timers could be and much of our March efforts went to waste because we started off so many plants in tiny little home made pots which dried out and died as soon as we took them to the greenhouse.  So we’re heartened that although little has been done, we’re not actually behind on most things as long as we plant later rather than sooner and go straight into the ground rather than starting off under glass. 

For some veg, a direct approach just makes more sense.  We put in peas today, straight into a trench, seeded thickly.  I reckon that will be more effective than growing individual plants in toilet rolls – you need a lot of pea plants for a decent harvest. On top of that, we’ve planted garlic and broad beans direct, spuds (without careful chitting) and onions (which with the help of Ma Clay Earth we strarted off in the green house a few weeks back). 

There are some exceptions; the greenhouse fruits in particular.  We’ve only just planted our tomato seeds – and there’s no alternative for those.  We’re a month behind, period.  Down at the site, our tardiness really is becoming apparent as greenhouses fill with seedlings raised at home. Fingers crossed that one of this years new purchases will help us to catch up a bit; we’ve bought a heated propogator for the window sill.  There are around 6 types of tomatoes, 2 types of aubergine and some chillis in there right now which after only 3days are starting to spring up in a more than satisfying manner.

You’ve got to love propagation – you stick some unpromising tiny hard lifeless specks into some soggy dirt and life flows.  Blimmin brilliant.  Just as well we enjoy it really seeing as the seed packet heap is over a foot high!

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