So many things to do with parsnips

Admittedly (as I’ve already hinted) we’ve not finished the marrows – but we now have another race to get through a glut before things get blue and furry; parsnips

We’re nearing the end now, but things have been getting creative. Not that we’re complaining, parsnips are sweet, versatile and comforting.  So much so its no wonder they were the starchy staples of many before the potato took off.

Some top dishes we’ve had since we had our major parsnip harvest have been:

  • Leek, parsnip, potato and cheese pie.  (precook the root veg, chop up cheese, add dried herbs and pepper, stick a crust over the top and cook til done) – tasty dish based on a recipe on the BBC site, but with added parboiled parsnip, less pastry and a wider variety of cheese!
  • Leek, parsnip, marrow and prawn curry (cook up some leeks as if they were onions add frozen king prawns, chopped parsnip, a decent blob of curry powder of some sort, leek in the green, chopped marrow and a tin of tomato, cover and cook til everything is done – takes about 20 mins). The parsnip is sweet, the leeks are leafy and oniony, the marrow is moist and provides structure and a break from the other flavours and the prawns are the gold in the spicy treasure hunt.  The mixture’s a good ‘un.

next time we used jam or mascarpone without the syrup, this filling was nice even though it made a run for it

  • Parsnip and maple syrup cake:We modified another BBC recipe for this one.  We opted to use a deeper single spring release pan and to cook for longer at a lower heat and then to leave in the oven colling slowly instead of making 2 shallower cakes.  After it had cooled we cut it in half and filled it, although as the pic shows – the filling wasn’t as thick as it should have been.  Second time round we filled the cake with marrow and ginger jam and added a blob of marscapone contrast.
  • Spicy parsnip soup.  Dead easy.  Cook parsnip, spices, onions and stock.  Cover and cook til soft.  Blend.  Easy as!

We’ve already shared our ‘use thinly sliced parsnip slices like lasagne sheets’ tip and they make good crisps too.

A similar post on leeks is undoubtedly to follow – as we’re at the tail end of those too and are being consumed at a rate that makes our parsnip ingest seem half-arsed.

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