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Bettys Tea Room

Special treat time to celebrate 4 years of His Nibs and I finding each other. We were heading to Harrogate to the theatre (don’t ask what or I will feel the need to explain in great length, why we were … Continue reading

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Growing our own – mid April

Last year we were as overly eager as any first timers could be and much of our March efforts went to waste because we started off so many plants in tiny little home made pots which dried out and died … Continue reading

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So many things to do with parsnips

Admittedly (as I’ve already hinted) we’ve not finished the marrows – but we now have another race to get through a glut before things get blue and furry; parsnips.  We’re nearing the end now, but things have been getting creative. Not that … Continue reading

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My dears, I’ve been neglecting you again.  Not through choice you understand and not because there’s nothing going on, but simply cos there’s too darned much going on. Again. Rightio.  Today I’m mainly thinking about dairy as that’s the form … Continue reading

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