Give me some money and I’ll shut up

This post is nothing to do with food.  I apologise.  I just wanted to make an announcement. 

I can be quite loud, in fact I’m apt to go on bit – lets face it I can yabber for England.  So I’m not fond of hours of silence, it would be really difficult for me to keep quiet for a day – and shutting up for a week would be pretty much unthinkable.  But that’s what I’m going to do – for money!

I promise that if folk give me dosh I will shut up for an entire week.  I’ll be zipping it at 8pm May day and will keep quiet until 8pm on the 8th.

To encourage this I suggest you might consider pootling over to – to offer financial incentive.  Funds raised go towards my local branch of Samaritans that have to raise a thousand pounds a month just to keep things ticking over.  See

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