Edible Garden Show

Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to the Edible Garden Show.  OK, so it was well within our comfort zone to spend a day hearing introductory talks on bee keeping, sausage making, cheese making and veg growing – but we learned some bits and bobs and had a good time with fellow enthusiasts. 

pauline pears

pauline pears tells us about a bug

The show was a new one and considerably smaller than the overblown likes of the RSS garden shows, but very much directed at a growing audience.  As a new show it was perhaps unsuprising that it wasn’t always clear who was in the audience.  A particularly pleasing moment was when Pauline Pears of Garden Organic asked who grew veg (all hands went up) and who grew organically (all but one hand went up).  I suspected that audience were more savvy than had been expected in other slots too.  Pauline’s talk, incidentally was both His Nibs’ and my favourite of the day with slides of scary looking, yet beneficial insects, that you shouldn’t squish and tips on understanding the relationships between plant families to better meet their needs.

kune kune sow

Aparently these make good pets - I'm not sure the cat would agree

Inspiration came in the form of demonstrations on how to make cream cheese and sausage making (although I did resist the temptation to get some skins) and Brian the beekeeper from the British Bee Keeping Association’s enthusiasm was particularly infectious at the end of a long day.  Pig and goat patting was available as was chicken holding.

The only gripe if I were to have one is that they missed an opportunity to do a bit of market research to inform future events – for example, making a distinction between super introductory and more advanced talks might have helped. 

Fingers crossed they re-run it next year.

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