A couple of things I didn’t know about yoghurt

greek yoghurt

home made greek yoghurt with honey and pistachios

We’re now making our own yoghurt.  After a fairly pathetic failed attempt to make some without bespoke equipment (as suggested by the sometimes over-optimistic River Cottage Family Cookbook) we bought a cheap yoghurt maker from Lakeland.  The process is super simple so it is, you put in a couple of teaspoons of live yoghurt add 900ml of milk and leave to keep warm all night.

The things I’ve found out are;

  1. the yoghurt dalekPretty much all natural yoghurt in the UK is live.  Having googled like crazy to find out why my first batch of yoghurt failed (and assuming that it was down to us using the wrong yoghurt starter) I discovered that if you bung natural yoghurt in, its almost guaranteed to be OK.  The reason my yoghurt had failed was simply because I’d not left it quite long enough.
  2. The best milk to use is UHT, this was a surprise as I imagined that rawer milk would be better – but bottom line you want yoghurt bugs, not random nasties. You can use other milk, but you’ll need to scald it and let it cool first.
  3. Greek yoghurt is simply strained yoghurt, line a seive with muslin and let the watery part drain off.
frozen yoghurt

One that went wrong; until we blended it with bananas and prunes, froze it, and served it with meringue and cream. Then it didn't seem quite so bad!

We’re still finding the results variable; so far we’ve tried cows and goats milk, with and without added dried milk, some strained some not.  By and large it can be a wee bit runnier than the shop-bought stuff, but cheaper and generally milder and creamier.  Its a thumbs up!

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