Purple sproutaggedon

disastrous purple sprouting

it all went pete tong

Purple sprouting. Yum.  It’s one of those veggies that you don’t really appreciate as a kid but which grows on you.  Not literally you understand – I may get dirt behind the fingernails, but I do shower.  

Its a lot softer in texture than other overwintering brassicas and has something of the earthiness of sprouts about it, while being more rounded and smooth somehow; flavoursome to quote cottage smallholder.

It was something that I was looking forward to this spring, and it should be in season right now, but the winter intervened.

I present to you evidence of the devastation that was our purple sprouting this year.  


the entire harvest!

We finally shifted the last of the rotten stems the weekend before last (I must have been busy if I’m only telling you about this now – maybe it took a week to get over the smell).  We got a few leaves, which admittedly were a lot tastier than the kale we ate it with, but no flowers.  I guess we just try again next year.  In the meantime we’ll bear in mind that we’re not alone.  Far from it, in fact, there’s been some press coverage about the failure of the purple sprouting crop this year.  About half of the crop is believed to have perished in Lincolnshire because of the frozen temperatures according to The Telegraph.

Oh well, we still have marrows!

(Yeah, still…)

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