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Give me some money and I’ll shut up

This post is nothing to do with food.  I apologise.  I just wanted to make an announcement.  I can be quite loud, in fact I’m apt to go on bit – lets face it I can yabber for England.  So … Continue reading

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Edible Garden Show

Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to the Edible Garden Show.  OK, so it was well within our comfort zone to spend a day hearing introductory talks on bee keeping, sausage making, cheese making and veg … Continue reading

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A couple of things I didn’t know about yoghurt

We’re now making our own yoghurt.  After a fairly pathetic failed attempt to make some without bespoke equipment (as suggested by the sometimes over-optimistic River Cottage Family Cookbook) we bought a cheap yoghurt maker from Lakeland.  The process is super … Continue reading

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Purple sproutaggedon

Purple sprouting. Yum.  It’s one of those veggies that you don’t really appreciate as a kid but which grows on you.  Not literally you understand – I may get dirt behind the fingernails, but I do shower.   Its a lot softer … Continue reading

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When crisp marketing attacks

.As the vague nausea of my fifth packet kicked in I got the sense that something was wrong. This is a binge – of the fast food rubbish variety. It’s all very confusing. Its for charity right? And there’s nothing … Continue reading

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Potatoes: the buying, finding and stealing of

We have potatoes on the brain at CEC today.  Buying Potatoes  Its potato buying time, we’ve bought a few pink fir apples from DIY stores (they seem to be few and far between and even more expensive than last year … Continue reading

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The other people’s supermarkets

I spent a very pleasant evening last night with my feet up (they’ve been poorly, not terribly poorly, but poorly enough for me to want to spend time with them up) in bed with a laptop watching The People’s Supermarket at … Continue reading

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