Salsify in the groundThis time last year I’d only just heard of salsify (and still wasn’t sure how to pronounce it), then I tried a smidgin in the now defunct The Modern, which was one of the nicer modern British places in Greater Manchester.   We were really keen to try growing it, and has been pretty darned easy really – much like parsnips.

In fact parsnips and salsify are also pretty similar to look at (except for the noticeable foliage differences – see pic of salsify) although salsify is considerably smaller and slimmer.  Ours, have survived an icy icy winter and are still going strong, but as its time to finish clearing the beds (yeah, I know most people did that in autumn, but there’s still food there and we’re still eating it!) so I’m not sure we’ll get to find out how long it would last, or to see the pretty blue or purple flowers that some posts have mentioned (e.g veggiegardeningtips, or sarah raven).

wild and crazy salsify roots (I don't think they should be this 'hairy'!)

Tastewise, we’ve only really tried steaming or boiling it – and we’re not sure about the oyster claims, its more of a mild parsnippy taste as far as we can tell.  Pleasant and makes a bit of a change. from parsnip (a bit, not a lot!) 

Unsurprisiningly Hugh F-W has written a handy little article on this handy veg, here’s the link!

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