Hypnotic induction no less

I think I’ve only mentioned briefly that I’m the size of a McDonalds (restaurant that is, not meal).  Well, as my doc would diplomatically say, there is a lot of me.  It seems, furthermore, there needs to be less.  I can lose weight as long as I get my head to the right place – and right now I’m enlisting the help of Paul McKenna, or at least a Paul McKenna CD.

I’ve been listening (or at least trying to, I’ve been doing more sleeping than listening to be honest) to this CD every night for about a week – and I must say, so far so good.  Not because there’s something magic going on, but because he’s being positive about some simple principles that I know work – eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re not.  Sounds simple, but not so simple that as a society we’re failing to do this on a spectacular scale at the moment.  

At the moment I’m still a bit gobsmacked at what happened while I was doing the Paul McKenna thing of eating what you really want, when hungry and eating slowly and mindfully in a tea shop the other day.  Paul McKenna walked in for some beans on toast! ’twas a very odd experience, so it was.  I’m treating this as a sign of sorts.

Anyhoo… just wanted to record that this is going on and I’ll check in later to let you know a bit more, just as soon as I know a bit more like.

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