Little bit of summer in midwinter

cream teaPoor His Nibs.  He was so looking forward to the strawberries last June, instead all of the berries got nabbed for jam and the anticipated ‘more’ that I’d claimed were about to appear, didn’t.  What’s more I had plans for the jam.  Of course, it wasn’t so much of a hardship to do without strawberry jam for a few months as we had plenty of rhubarb and marrow jam with marrow cream if we fancied something a bit lemon curdy.

But by the time we hit midwinter we brought out the special stuff and made ourselves a midwinter cream tea with still-warm scones and the first of our strawberry jam.  Just to make the whole affair a bit more like June we also quaffed the last of our elderflower cordial, which was just as delicious as it was when it was made.  Absolutely blimmin lovely.

Now you can’t say I’m not a fan of seasonal food – but just occasionally in winter its nice to eat a bit of summer and let your imagination add the sunshine.

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