Seasonal veg

Can I share a pet peeve with you? “Seasonal” Veg. That’s what.

Say, you go for lunch at a pub, pay a tenner or more for a plate of food which comes with a medley of “seasonal vegetables”. Three times out of four, said “seasonal” vegetables will be composed of brocolli florets, peas and carrots with or without some cauliflower florets. No matter what time of the year it is. This is odd, as fresh British peas are actually quite hard to find outside June.

roast dinner with seasonal veg

Roast lamb and 5 veg: sprouts, turnip, salsify, carrots and baked red cabbage

True enough, peas probably are in season right now somewhere in the southern hemisphere. And they can be on your plate with the aid of copious amounts of scarce local water and aviation fuel. Expensive, wasteful and probably quite tasteless.

It seems you have to pay through the nose to get something which should be cheaper – locally sourced vegetables that don’t need to be greenhoused or irrigated. Vegetables that are comfort foods on a cold day like sweet parsnips, salsify and baked cabbage. At least these foods are available, but they’re still very much the reserve of modern british establishments.

Or, much more cheaply, just cook yourself!

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