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This time last year I’d only just heard of salsify (and still wasn’t sure how to pronounce it), then I tried a smidgin in the now defunct The Modern, which was one of the nicer modern British places in Greater Manchester.   … Continue reading

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Borlotti beans start to finish

The other day we had a hearty chestnut and bean hotpot made with our own dried borlotti beans.  It occurred to me that I’d started work on that tea 10 months earlier which is a heck of a lot of … Continue reading

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Picture Post

February is an awful month.  So sometimes we need to remember that its not always February.  Looking through old pics for the Borlotti Bean post (to follow in a couple of days) I found some nice sunny pictures in my … Continue reading

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His Nibs’ Nuts and Fruit and Oats

There really are few foods easier to make than muesli.  I’ve been making it for a while because its so easy to make something much more delicious and interesting than off-the-shelf versions.  Now His Nibs has taken on the role … Continue reading

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Announcing the new Best… section of the blog pages. It’s between Home and Clay Earth Cafe up in the menu just below the beetroot banner. I’m using this section to list the best pasties, tea houses, vanilla slices… and whatever … Continue reading

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Hypnotic induction no less

I think I’ve only mentioned briefly that I’m the size of a McDonalds (restaurant that is, not meal).  Well, as my doc would diplomatically say, there is a lot of me.  It seems, furthermore, there needs to be less.  I can … Continue reading

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Shopping with the senses, lessons from Supa Noanna

His Nibs is a great fan of Juzo Itami.  Itami was a japanese director who wrote charming and romantic satires on japanese life, in which bravery, effort and team work wins through against the worst social ills, including the mob. … Continue reading

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London Trip/Babylon

We’re just back (I mean JUST, I’ve not taken of my shoes yet and those dogs are barking!) from a trip to the capital and it was… capital! We’ve been up to all sorts, cycling across royal parks on Boris … Continue reading

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Little bit of summer in midwinter

Poor His Nibs.  He was so looking forward to the strawberries last June, instead all of the berries got nabbed for jam and the anticipated ‘more’ that I’d claimed were about to appear, didn’t.  What’s more I had plans for … Continue reading

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Seasonal veg

Can I share a pet peeve with you? “Seasonal” Veg. That’s what. Say, you go for lunch at a pub, pay a tenner or more for a plate of food which comes with a medley of “seasonal vegetables”. Three times … Continue reading

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