shower scene with lions

I’ve had comments, so perhaps I should explain that I’ve not been missing; the whole of winter has been a dream and now its time to emerge from the shower.  Which’ll mean nothing to those who didn’t watch dodgy American soaps in the 1980s…

lion dance

that time of year

Anyhoo – things have been busy, but less so on the food front. Not even with christmas and all. Must try harder.

Today (Sunday, it took a day to find a charged laptop in the absence of a cable) we did a meat run. We’re lucky to be within strking distance of a really good farm butchery in Heald Green on the southern perimeter of Manchester. Nixon’s have a beef herd across 2 farms only a few minutes drive from here, they also have their own abattoir and butchery – so things are pretty darned local, traceable and involve very little movement for the herd.  They hang meat and make sausages.  Pretty good and good prices. 

They generally make a bit of an effort: There’s a covered children’s play area with toy tractors.  You can see rabbits, guinea pigs, love birds etc.  Shop in their pet store, buy from their deli type grocery or frozen food.  Ach – check it out for yourself if you’re interested:

Anyway, on Sunday Nixon’s were pushing the boat out  ostensibly to celebrate the end of January. I’d be with them on that, if it weren’t for the fact that this means the start of February which has to be the worst month going.  There was a little “farmer’s” market (notable by the distinct lack of other farmers – so Ashton doesn’t have much competition!) complete with chinese dancing lion and a large drum which was being played both by an enthustic drummer and any small child who came near.  It was a well organised affair with local Lions club stewards directing traffic and running a hoopla.

Hope it raised some funds and introduced some more folk to Nixons.

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