Frosty the buffet

I don’t feel at all christmassy.  Perhaps its because the presents are somewhere between here and the Amazon depot.  Perhaps its because I’m busy.  Perhaps its because I’ve not really done any successful christmas cooking. 

I’m not a big fan of christmas, but one thing I do like is the traditions of christmas cooking.  So I like to make puds as my Nan did, and to make mince pies like Mum and cake like… well you get the picture.  After all, its one of the traditions that have withstood the viscissitudes of the last 2 or 3 generations. 

That’s not to say that nothing about christmas fare has changed.  Buffets have definitely changed.  Thinking back to the 1970s we were over the moon with a buffet of tinned strawberries, blancmanche, trifle, tinned cream, tinned salmon, cheese and pineapple on sticks, tinned ham sandwiches and baby sausages on sticks and crisps.  Things got really fancy when the sticks were presented on half potatoes covered in tin foil.  On occasions, we’ve tried revisiting some of those classics – blancmanche it turns out is still available in boxes of three mixes (presumably so that you buy 3 before you remember why you don’t need more than one to refresh your memory). 

Of course, freezers weren’t anything like as common as they are now, so it makes sense that so much food came from cans.  I guess the 21st century equivalent would boxes of buffet snacks from the supermarket freezer section. I wonder in 30 times whether we’ll be looking back at frozen nibbles with fondness but little enthusiasm in the same way and I wonder what will pass as convenience then.

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