So I’m running about a month late, but I’m on my way, so here’s hoping Delia isn’t bluffing when she says this recipe is still delicious if done last minute: the puds are in the steamer right now! I’m trying something different, after years of boiling pans dry I’m going to try using one of last year’s christmas presents – the electric steamer.

We’ve really taken to the steamer, especially on those days when the main course comes out of the slow cooker. It somehow feels like cheating to produce a balanced meal with so little washing up. Anyway, I’m rambling again.

As only the smallest of our pudding bowls will fit in a electric steamer layer I’m harnessing the power of cling film to implement a somewhat unconventional tray arrangement. The top layer has gone on upside down with the lid on top to minimise the amount of water getting out and its all held in place (and hopefully kept water tight) with the cling film.

Its going to take about 10 hours until I know… so cross your fingers.



The steamer died – I was too distracted by a coursework assignment to do anything about it.  The pudding died. Now we have 4 pints of christmas pudding mix which due to the warmth and eggs has to be considered a food safety hazzard and a dead steamer.  Hey ho, you live and burn.

ignore the surrounding chaos

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