The Breadmaker is dead long live the Breadmaker

the bread dalek has arrived

I’ve sung praises before about how nice it is to have a bread maker. We loved ours, but it was dying – then it died. Apparently we’re not the only folks who have experienced problems with a washer on the breadpan breaking – we’ve been using the machine regardless for a while now, simply adjusting the order in which we added the ingredients. Sad, as we were otherwise happy with our Morphy Richards Compact Breadmaker – which, we were chuffed to note had been rated as a best buy by Which?

When it died, I joined Which? to see if I could get the gen on what to do next. Interestingly I discovered that although Which? had rated the Morphy Richards highly on its breadmaking ability feedback from users about its longevity weren’t so positive. So it may have been a controversial choice.

I’ve now opted for the supposed Rolls Royce of breadmakers – The Panasonic SD 257 – which was highly recommended by folk on Money Saving Expert (I like those people, they’re a thrifty sensible bunch)


Brioche, croissants and pain au chocolat - in 48 hours! No wonder I'm getting nowhere with my christmas baking

So far so good. Admittedly we’ve not made any bread yet – I’ve been distracted by the fancy stuff, so we’ve had brioche (made entirely in the bread maker) and croissants (dough made in the breadmaker, fiddly butter rolling done by hand).
The results have been OK, the brioche was fine, the croissants tasted fine but the texture could have done some work (which I think may have been down to warm butter and not enough rolling) anyway they were as tasty as many supermarket attempts. So we’ll see how the bread goes, but it feels like I’ve got something a bit fancier – which is just as well as it retails at around £104 minimum.

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