Grrrrr Brrrrr

tis the season to stay in a furry bed

I’m sorry its been a while, we’ve been busy with family and voluntary stuff and I’ve had to neglect foodie allotmenty stuff. So much is this true that I’ve missed stir up Sunday and am running behind on this years consignment of christmas puds and the alloment has not been prepped for the weather that has descended.

Photos have also been a bit of a problem due to major technical issues (by which I mean I can’t seem to keep track of all of the cables that seem to come with small electrical appliances, which appear to be unique to them and which both multiply in drawers and disappear anywhere else – why isn’t there a european standard?) but more irritatingly my netbook seems to have given up connecting to the web so this is my third attempt at this post.

Muddy veg!

Anyway, enough of niggles. The one thing that we’re not falling behind on is veggies. The weather is doing its wintery thing and frosts have seen the end to all but the winter veg. We’re now on cabbage, kale, chard (may not last much longer), autumn carrots, parsnip, perpetual spinach, sprouts and the first few early leeks. So it’ll be stew tonight!

Sadly the onion supply seems to be winding up – next year we’ll plant more and hope that they store better. Although I’d worried that our indoor drying might be to blame I’m assured that more experienced folk than us have had problems storing onions this year which they’ve attributed to the wet weather affecting the onions. So we’ve finally had to hit Ashton farmers market (which, if you’re interested will be open for Christmas on the 19th Dec) for a string of onions and a bit of swede.

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