Towards a dwarf orchard


they're so small I had to annotate!

Our little orchard is so scrappy I wasn’t convinced tht it would show up in a picture, but here it is! We’ve now got 3 dwarf (as per regulations) trees down at the allotment. The cherry tree is one we’ve had a couple of years which has lived rather unhappily in our back yard, producing fruits under dry pot-ridden conditions which were smaller than I thought a cherry stone could be.  The other two trees are both family trees.  The apple tree we bought at Highfield Nurseries and grows three types of apple on a single dwarf rootstock; we planted it about a month ago and it came in a pot.  Our final tree arrived yesterday bare-rooted and with very little in the way of branches from Spalding.  With luck we’ll have a tree that is a plum on one side an apricot on the other.  I’ve no idea whether it will take –  but hey, it has two chances.

We’ve also started a wildflower area under the apple tree with bulbs from the wildflower shop; so far we’ve planted English bluebells, wild daffodils, wild garlic and violets; the latter 2 of which we hope to eat.

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