What a lot of errr… manure!


that's a lot of poo

Very exciting!  We have a mountain of dung!  Fortunately I was free when we got a call to say a trailer full of cow poo could be delivered in 20 minutes and we have literally tonnes of the stuff now.  I’m sure it should be more matured manure – but its going on over winter so it’ll get some time to break down.  Well, noone down the site has told us we’re doing anything terrible – so here’s hoping we’re not doing anything terrible.  I do feel more like a proper allotmenteer though now… I had this dread feeling that we might fail to acquire some muck and that we might neglect the all important soil.  Worries over, anyway I’m rambling.

spread muckWe’ve also belatedly followed some advice to get a long handled pointed spade – it makes relatively light work of our heavy clay and I wish I’d acted earlier.  The plus is that you lever the soil up by pulling down the handle with little strain on your back.   

I’ve no idea whether I’m doing it right and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of advice out there… if anyone has any idea…

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