seed catalogueTime to put our seed order in! Thanks to the allotment we get to order our seeds in bulk, through the allotment society and Kings seeds – which works out a bit cheaper than standard methods.

It feels like a major decision, deciding which seeds to get – but of course its nothing which can’t be undone with a quick trip to the garden centre!

We’re pretty much going for what we did last time (i.e lots of little bits of things) but we’re adding more variety to the marrow patch; fewer marrows (3 was too many) fewer courgettes (4 were a bit too many) and with a couple of squashes and a pumpkin for variety. We’re also cutting down on the amount of chard (1 row rather than 4 would be fine!) and substituting a wider range of asian greens. There are definitely things you can have too much of – we certainly shouldn’t starve this winter but there’s only so much rainbow chard a couple can eat!

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