End of season ratatouille

crumbleDon’t let me forget to tell you more about Ludlow another time – but here and now we’re back and things are really winding up down the allotment. On our way home we stopped by Ma Clay Earth’s – she’s a darned good cook and part of the reason why I’m happy to experiment; she does, and to blimmin good effect.  By way of example I present photographic evidence of an inspired apple and orange crumble spiced with cloves.  She does much better crumble topping than me (I think I’m prone to go rather to heavy on the butter, so its apt to clump).

Since we’ve been back I’ve also been celebrating a minor personal triumph.

100% home grown ratatouille!At the start of the year when I was picking seeds for our first year as allotment holders I wondered whether it would be too ambitious to aim to grow a ratatouille.  After all, when I first started making ratatouille it seemed to be very mediterranean – what with the aubergines and all – and not the sort of thing one should try in one’s first year of growing.  But I thought we’d give it a go.  Our greenhouse crops didn’t do as well as out of doors ones, as well as previously documented problems with slugs, caterpillars and mould the peppers had largely dried up.  On top of which the ingredients barely made it to the plate at the right time to be eaten together.  We used our last red onion, a couple of very late very small peppers, a couple of late small aubergines, tomatoes which have been sitting around for a bit and the last (normal sized courgette) which despite refrigeration was on its last legs.  Add that to a couple of garlic cloves we picked in June and some fresh oregano (which has finally taken off), we just about got there!

And I’m proud to announce it was tasty.

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