Tea time in Ludlow


the fishing is good in the centre of ludlow

I never finished telling you about Ludlow.

My last recommendation is De Greys. Now, De Greys is an award winning teashop and bakery. Problem is, ‘award winning’ in Ludlow can be somewhat misleading. We checked out one place with supposedly award winning cakes to be rather disappointed – turns out the award was a few years out of date. Another award spotted consisted of ‘best smoked salmon sandwich’… you see there’s an award for everything. But De Greys won our ‘best place to have tea’ award. We stumbled into it by accident – and were gobsmacked by it. Its the Ritz for country folk so it is!

The tea room itself is decidedly old world; long and thin with Elizabethan beams. The waiting staff are plentiful and wear neat black uniforms with little white pinnies. The tea is fine, the coffee comes from a local company and all of the cakes are made on site. We went for a Shropshire Apple Cake made with apples and black treacle and the fattest, firmest, tastiest vanilla slice His Nibs (who has a right penchant for vanilla slices) has had. Really top notch both of them and very very civilised in a rustic sort of way. Thumbs up De Greys!


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