A tasty one pot dish

I gave last night’s concoction a 7/10.

It was a good opportunity to use up some emergency potatoes (we’d had to amputate a load of bobbles off the pink fir apples after they were left in a plastic bucket for far too long) and some of our more than ample chard supply. Its good and seasonal – the only ingredients we needed to buy were paprika and chorizo.

This was enough for 4:

2 tblsp olive oil
1 small onion
small bunch of chard (c. 6 stalks)
c. 700g salad potatoes in pieces no more than 3cm long
4 cloves garlic
2 heaped teaspoons of paprika
c. 250g fresh tomatoes
200g chorizo
c. 3/4 cup of fresh beans, I used a combo of borlotti beans and broad beans

First cook the garlic and onion til brown in a heavy pan
Add the paprika and potatoes stir and cook for c. 5 mins
Half and grate the tomatoes to leave the pulp and seed while retaining the skins (a trick I heard on the radio the other day, I wish I could remember who’s trick it was – but a jolly good one it is)
Add a little water, the chorizo and beans
Cook for 15 mins
Chop the stalks of the chard and add to the pan
Cook for c. 30 mins
Shred the chard leaves, add and stir
Serve when the chard leaves have wilted

Pretty tasty – we’ll be having it again with runner beans tonight!

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