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What a lot of errr… manure!

Very exciting!  We have a mountain of dung!  Fortunately I was free when we got a call to say a trailer full of cow poo could be delivered in 20 minutes and we have literally tonnes of the stuff now.  … Continue reading

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Time to put our seed order in! Thanks to the allotment we get to order our seeds in bulk, through the allotment society and Kings seeds – which works out a bit cheaper than standard methods. It feels like a … Continue reading

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End of season ratatouille

Don’t let me forget to tell you more about Ludlow another time – but here and now we’re back and things are really winding up down the allotment. On our way home we stopped by Ma Clay Earth’s – she’s … Continue reading

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Tea time in Ludlow

I never finished telling you about Ludlow. My last recommendation is De Greys. Now, De Greys is an award winning teashop and bakery. Problem is, ‘award winning’ in Ludlow can be somewhat misleading. We checked out one place with supposedly … Continue reading

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Ludlow #2

We’re getting a wee bit better at being here. Thanks to our need to head out and buy toilet paper as a matter of urgency  (the joys of disorganised self catering) we were in town for elevenses looking for cafes … Continue reading

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Travels with white fly

You know you’re just too attached to your home grown veggies when you feel the need to take them on holiday with you. We’re on holiday right now – albeit in a bring the laptop to do bits and bobs … Continue reading

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A tasty one pot dish

I gave last night’s concoction a 7/10. It was a good opportunity to use up some emergency potatoes (we’d had to amputate a load of bobbles off the pink fir apples after they were left in a plastic bucket for … Continue reading

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Milk Robbers!

Milk Robbers it were! Now we’ve had milk bottles broken into and knocked over (birds were the top suspect there, but the problem was solved by a set of small flower pots to put on top of the milk). We’ve … Continue reading

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