If you saw the pics of our allotment, then you’ll have to admit that the kale was looking pretty good.  (It was, wasn’t it? Go on, it was…)

But its infested! The population of whatevertheyares on a single leaf must be be about that of a small town.

Now we noticed that something was a bit askew when we picked some kale on Saturday, when we came to use it a couple of days later (we don’t do the daily super fresh picking thing I’m afraid, as the allotment is a couple of miles away and we both work late) the something was moving, wriggling and generally looking more lively than you would like your greens to look.  Here’s hoping that we’ve done no harm by sticking it in the compost bin.

One word.  Euwwww.

Bit of a disappointment.  I thought that the kale was going to be one of our good news stories.  Actually – maybe it is a good story – after all, had the kale thrived we’d have a winter of errrrm shall we saying challenging greens?  Just as long as them critters leave our cabbages and leaks alone.  But then if they can take on kale they could take on pretty much anything – lets face it, curly kale is as frilly as the tutu on a ballerina – but its as tough as her toes.


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One Response to Kale-amity

  1. Alisa says:

    Sorry to hear about the Kale I hope you had a better bunch the next time.

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