Welsh dressing french style

dresserBehold the welsh dresser!  I suddenly feel both middle aged and as if I’m living in a dolls house.

We now have a permanent home for our extensive collection of preserves, preserve making paraphenalia, tea pots and white cups and saucers.  The food processor is no longer taking up limited work top space, there’s somewhere to stable veg on route to the fridge or pot and I may even purchase a bread bin (rather than using whatever carrier or ziplock bag is around and clean).  Suddenly there’s space in the kitchen.

Oh its a wonderful thing!

The market for welsh dressers, at least on ebay, seems to be a wee bit odd.  There are dressers to be had for around 55-65 quid.  Then there’s the ‘shabby chic’ ones which seem to be the same as the cheap ones but with a dab of paint and some Kidston-esque dressing which seem to go for about a hundred more.  Is it just me who thinks it odd that shabbiness should add so much to a price?  Tis the fashion I suppose.  I’m a wee bit nervous about ‘fashion’ – which seems to be imply that this or that (in this case shabby chic welsh dressers) will be ‘out of fashion in a couple of years time’.

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