Has beans

salty beansWe’re trying something seriously old school with our runner beans: salting them.
I remember my Nan having sweet jars of salted runner beans in her council house pantry (can you imagine council houses having pantries nowadays?). What I don’t remember is whether they were any good. Ma ClayEarth (hello Mum) told me the other day that salted beans were ‘better than nothing’ – so I’m not getting my hopes up too high. Thing is, we only have a small freezer space, and we’re not sure we want to get into getting more freezer space as using up electricity to store our own food seems to run counter to what we’re trying to do. So salting it is. It took a bit of effort to find some instructions (which we got from the 1900s.org.uk) and cut and salted the beans and put them in glass jars. To keep the light out the jars are in brown paper bags – which we hope will go in the welsh dresser we’re about to pick up. The welsh dresser is a surprise side effect of growing our own – we’ve run out of space to store all of our preserves, and can’t keep giving them away or we’ll have nothing to eat in the winter.

Anyway – we’ll let you know if they’re edible when we try them later!

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