Buffet the appetite slayer

curly sandwich

repeat after me: the number of bacteria in a food kept at room temperature doubles every ten minutes

There’s buffet in the staff room. Worse still there’s loads of it – and it’ll go to waste – worse still it’ll encourage vermin.

Buffet is my worst and (worst kept) bad food habit secret.  The very word ‘buffet’ is, for me synonymous with ‘unwanted and unloved food’. My unfortunate role is to love the unloved. Even if it’s stale, tastless or even disgusting and has been kept at room temperature long enough for any food bacteria to have reached critical point plus some.

There’s something a bit wrong with wanting to eat stale buffet, like an ill-advised cullinary one night stand. Nor is it the only bad food – there’s yesterday’s tea for breakfast, other people’s left overs and McDonald’s breakfasts. Nasty.

Anyway, would love to chat – but right now I need to remove myself from the area. I’m very aware that there are stale corned beef sandwiches just down the corridor… and they look like they’re unloved and unwanted.

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