On fancy and simple food

I made a really pretty tea last night. At least I reckoned it was going to be really pretty so I had the camera ready…

flowers with flowers

flowers with flowers

Well… it wasn’t quite as pretty as expected. But still, effort had definitely been made. The large fried looking things are courgette flowers (the courgette plants’ days are over after they fell prey to grey mould), stuffed with a mix of sauteed sorrel, feta, mint and bread crumbs, dipped in batter and shallow fried. The veggies are mix of courgette, black cherry tomatoes, elephant garlic and our very first green pepper. The salad contains nasturtiums, flat leaf parsley the last of the lettuce, borage flowers and callendula petals.

Fancy! It tasted OK. Marks, say 6/10.

I also made some jam tarts with our marrow cream. I couldn’t be bothered faffing so I guestimated the pastry recipe and just pressed the pastry into the pan rather than rolling it out properly. It looks like a dogs dinner – but tastewise? 10/10!

I guess fancy isn’t always best. 

Especially when there are jam tarts around…

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