To diet or not to diet, that is the question

I know its a bit of an old chestnut.

Diets are not good ways to fix overeating. They are good ways of losing weight in the short term.

A good way to rectify overeating is to change one’s eating patterns. But that can be quite a subtle thing to do, subtle can be more difficult to achieve than starker approaches. That said, the last time I attempted a ‘subtle approach’ I removed all food from the house with the exception of some plain rice and some breakfast cereal… Not quite normal is it? I did lose a lot of weight with very little effort though (as inspired by Why Weight? by Geneen Roth)

Nevertheless that was less obsessive than Weight Watchers with its point counting and weigh ins. I did like the little sparkly stickers for my folder though… bit like badges!

Having tried both, I’m no further forward though!

Sheesh… I dunno. Maybe I need to make this into a project…

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