Rotten tomatoes

Rubbish! We’re getting some tasty tomatoes and some that are plain rotten. I’ve just spent the best part of the evening trying to pin down the cause of this disappointing fruitlessness onto either caterpillars (spotted nestling in the fur of mould), the environment or passing fungus.

Best guess? Black fungus. Mainly as the wounds are not at the right end of the fruit to be blossom end rot (shame, wouldn’t have to worry about it being catching). That doesn’t mean however that some of the problem might be down to caterpillars (which seem rather too short and hornless to tomato hornworm, if we even have them here). Any ideas from folk more knowledgeable than us would be most welcome. The question now is what to do. The irritating thing, is that I shouldn’t have impetuously thrown some fruit out of the greenhouse – if its black fungus the spores will overwinter 😦 We’ve been lucky that we’ve had relatively few problems which have required us to do anything more unorganic than not being too fussy about seed so far – I wonder if its going to get harder rather than easier…

Anyway – I’m hearing tomato horror stories left right and centre at the mo. So, at least I’m not alone… neither are you.

rotten tomato

rotten tomato

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