His Nibs does fruit leather

cutting fruit leather


Dear, oh dear, I’ve been slacking in both the blogging and cooking departments. What can I say, work and life and the like can get in the way. Fortunately His Nibs is a dab hand in the kitchen and generally takes control when I run out steam, and he’s made some good stuff recently. His weekend blackberry-based efforts while I was out at a hen night (cooking, while I’m out on the raz! you’ve got to love him) had rather mixed outcomes though.

We were a bit nervous about putting our gas oven on gas mark 1/4 as the only marker below 1 is S. What is S? We assumed that it was some sort of minimum and we opted for that as an appropriate heat to dry out fruit leather and tomatoes.

fruit leather

shiny shiny, shiny fruity leather

S, might not have been the same as 1/4. The tomatoes were crispy and one fruit leather required a bit of a soak to persuade to leave the baking tray. The other fruit leather turned out fine, like a tasty, bendy, stained glass window. So we’ll be trying that again! Its a simple principle, cook up fruit with honey, puree and dry out at low heat for about 12 hours.

I guess we should have avoided the top shelf – and maybe we should find out what that S stands for. Any ideas anyone?

He did a top apple and blackberry pie though.

burnt leather and tomatoes

the cremated remains of tomatoes and (behind) fruit leather

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