Autumn’s on its way

rosehipsI couldn’t help feeling that autumn is definitely creeping up at us down at the allotment on Monday.  The strawberries were being pulled up and newly rooted runners potted to make way for an order of manure from a local farm.  The last of the summer spinach and lettuces are gone.  I was still at it after the sun had moved on and my breath condensed in the cool of the evening air.  It doesn’t seem five minutes since March when the plot was empty and although harvesting is just great, its sad to see more and more bare earth reappearing.  It feels like something is ending. 

Of course it doesn’t work like that and for everything that comes to an end something else is starting to flourish; blackberries, rosehips and the tomatoes are ripening.  Better still, we had our first sweetcorn (thanks to the mercy or ineptitude of local squirrels).  I would have liked to share a picture… its just that we consumed them so quickly…  They probably would have benefitted from a good deal more water (we know now that they sweetcorn needs a lot of water)  I swear our corn plants actually shrank during July and August, but they still produced and even if the kernel skins were smidgin on the tough side they were our first sweet corn cobs and they were great.

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