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If you saw the pics of our allotment, then you’ll have to admit that the kale was looking pretty good.  (It was, wasn’t it? Go on, it was…) But its infested! The population of whatevertheyares on a single leaf must … Continue reading

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Welsh dressing french style

Behold the welsh dresser!  I suddenly feel both middle aged and as if I’m living in a dolls house. We now have a permanent home for our extensive collection of preserves, preserve making paraphenalia, tea pots and white cups and … Continue reading

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Has beans

We’re trying something seriously old school with our runner beans: salting them. I remember my Nan having sweet jars of salted runner beans in her council house pantry (can you imagine council houses having pantries nowadays?). What I don’t remember … Continue reading

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Buffet the appetite slayer

There’s buffet in the staff room. Worse still there’s loads of it – and it’ll go to waste – worse still it’ll encourage vermin. Buffet is my worst and (worst kept) bad food habit secret.  The very word ‘buffet’ is, … Continue reading

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On fancy and simple food

I made a really pretty tea last night. At least I reckoned it was going to be really pretty so I had the camera ready… Well… it wasn’t quite as pretty as expected. But still, effort had definitely been made. … Continue reading

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To diet or not to diet, that is the question

I know its a bit of an old chestnut. Diets are not good ways to fix overeating. They are good ways of losing weight in the short term. A good way to rectify overeating is to change one’s eating patterns. … Continue reading

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The plot (weed patch) thickens

Turn your back for a minute and there are weeds everywhere – its amazing we’ve cleared one patch completely twice (from a starting point of no weeds in march) and its back to looking like a lawn AGAIN.  I was … Continue reading

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Rotten tomatoes

Rubbish! We’re getting some tasty tomatoes and some that are plain rotten. I’ve just spent the best part of the evening trying to pin down the cause of this disappointing fruitlessness onto either caterpillars (spotted nestling in the fur of … Continue reading

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His Nibs does fruit leather

Dear, oh dear, I’ve been slacking in both the blogging and cooking departments. What can I say, work and life and the like can get in the way. Fortunately His Nibs is a dab hand in the kitchen and generally … Continue reading

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Autumn’s on its way

I couldn’t help feeling that autumn is definitely creeping up at us down at the allotment on Monday.  The strawberries were being pulled up and newly rooted runners potted to make way for an order of manure from a local … Continue reading

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